“Didn’t want to Wake”: one-year-old boy died of heatstroke when his grandmother left him in the car for five hours

Another case of irresponsibility. How many more children must die, that adults understand – to leave children in a closed car is dangerous!

A few days ago, 47-year-old Barbara Pemberton from Georgia was charged with second-degree murder and abuse of a child after it is five hours left one year old baby in the car with the heater on.

According to the defendant, her son asked her to look after grandson, shadow, while the child’s mother was at work. Barbara went with the baby to visit friends. By the time they arrived, shadow was fast asleep.

Instead of trying to Wake the child and take it with you, Barbara turned on the heater in your Ford Focus, slammed the door and went into the house to friends. She returned only five hours later – and the boy was already dead.

My grandmother left her grandson to the car and left.According to the police, despite the cold January day, the boy died from heat stroke caused by high temperature inside the cabin and sunlight.

The autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was hyperthermia. According to the investigation, at the time of the return of the grandmother, the temperature in the car reached 38 degrees.

“Time passed quietly for her, – commented on the situation Sheriff Steve Wilson. – At the same time, her friends repeatedly asked her to go check on the boy. There is no logical explanation as to why she ignored their words”.

The police found no evidence that during the visit of Barbara and her friends were able to take alcohol and drugs. The accused now awaits trial in jail Walker County.