It turned out how to keep the benefits of broccoli in its preparation

Experts in the field of healthy eating called the most useful way to consume broccoli. However, not everyone will agree to use it.

Broccoli long and deservedly included in the category healthy diet since it contains a compound called sulforaphane. Numerous studies confirm that it helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and even have anti-cancer effects. Alas, all the benefits of sulforaphane is destroyed in a few minutes after cooking broccoli at a heat. That is why this vegetable is need what is called a good “hurt” before it needs to be absorbed. Chinese researchers from Zhejiang University believe that cutting broccoli on a two-millimeter slices, the next break in 90 minutes, and then a careful roasting in hot oil not only retain indicators of sulforaphane, but also increase its content in 2.8 times.

In doing so, the authors of the study do not know why this is happening. But they believe that a waiting period prior to cooking broccoli the sulforaphane allows you to start more actively to stand out in chopped pieces of vegetable. Scientists acquired several heads of broccoli in the local market. They are then finely shredded to activate the enzyme peroxidase, which is present in plants for protection against herbivores. Peroxidase makes sulforaphane a more active stand out for later assimilation. In the next stage shredded broccoli divided into three groups. The first group was left without cooking, the second immediately fried in butter for 4 minutes, and the third was fried an hour and a half faster, but at a very high temperature.

Although additional tests are not carried out, the Chinese scientists believe that waiting can be not 90, but 30 minutes after which the content of sulforaphane in broccoli is quite sufficient, and can quickly fry. It turned out that the third group of broccoli had the highest content of the nutrients.