“My son is smarter than me!”The mother of the child with cerebral palsy explained how he learned to understand his son

The doctors doubted that he would ever be able to even recognize their parents, but my mother always believed in his son and is now able to talk to him.
Jonathan was born in 2006 in the UK under difficult circumstances: in the car of his parents was hit by another car, the accident caused the placental abruption and the child ceased to receive oxygen. His mother Chantal Bryan did an emergency C-section. Jonathan was born blue and lifeless. Diagnosis – infantile cerebral paralysis.

In the first two and a half weeks of his life, doctors and parents still hoping for some progress, but then the kid did an MRI scan of the brain, and hope left.

“This is one of the worst pictures of the brain that he had ever seen,’ said the doctor,” recalls Chantal.

A list of things that Jonathan can never do seemed endless: walk, run, jump, sit, talk and even recognize their parents. His mother decided that the only way to handle this is to solve the problems one by one.

Over the next months the main treatment of the kidney of Jonathan. Every time Chantal talked with doctors and asked them to see the boy, it seemed to her that in his eyes there was something:

“If he knew what was happening.”

Jonathan suffered a kidney transplantation and many other medical procedures. The years went by, and gradually one of the main problems was the question of communication with the child’s parents. Together they developed signs for “Yes” and “no”, but beyond that it was not.
For seven years Jonathan was confined to a wheelchair and could not talk. He communicated through smiles, tears, laughter and random movements. Loved to cuddle with two younger sisters, and to participate in all family Affairs.

“We tried to communicate via signs and it soon became apparent that Jonathan understood our speech, but could not answer because I did not control my body. We knew he was capable of much more, but treated him like kids at a special school in which he studied,” says Chantal.

Then when she learned to understand her son, he explained how it was humiliating. And then the parents felt helpless for the appearance of Jonathan is hiding a lively mind – but to a certain time did not know what to do.

In the end, Chantal, in consultation with the teacher, decided to teach Jonathan to read, write and count – at least at the primary level. They painted a special plate with the letters, words and numbers: Chantal pointed to some square, and Jonathan’s gaze made it clear what he wants to use.

Two weeks later he was bored and she drew a complicated sign with lots of vocabulary

“Progress Jonathan from a few hours of lessons a day was amazing. For several years he learned to read and write, and 9 years eyes dictated to me a story about a pirate. I realized that finally you can talk to him! I can’t describe what it’s like for the first time to get such an opportunity,” says Chantal.

So parents found out things I didn’t know for example that Jonathan’s favorite ice cream – chocolate.

Having the opportunity to chat with people, Jonathan was able to enroll in primary school and in two years has caught up with their classmates in the program. In his own words, the ability to read and write, he developed over those seven years that he spent listening to others and what they read.
Now Jonathan has his own blog, and in the summer of 2016, has launched a campaign “Teach us too”, urging to teach children to read and write, irrespective of their diagnoses and disabilities. Thanks to this boy was even invited to the House of lords, where he became acquainted with princes William and Harry.

“Jonathan is tired, but never refuse to learn something new. Of course, our lives are very busy, as any parents of children with special needs. But we cope,” says Chantal.

When their son was born, parents were predupredili that he can live very long. Any infection can be deadly – but Chantal believes that it is not necessary to spend your time worrying. Every day with her son for her gift.