The scholars allowed men to have snow, but only fresh

The study of Romanian scientists helped to answer some weird question. It became known as the age-snow safe to eat and what better not to eat.

The snow definitely does not apply to categories healthy diet but many people from time to time do eat it. And now researchers from Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania in Romania, decided to find out how safe this habit. It turned out that one can indulge in the snow in food without any concern for their own health, but only if it’s fresh snow. For example, if it was not later than half a day ago. In this case, it is possible to eat some cold morning. However, if the snow lies for more than two days, and to use it in food should not be.

Their findings are made on the basis of a thorough analysis of the snow samples taken from parks and residential yards in January and February. Snow is hermetically sealed in a sterile container and sent to the lab to try to grow it bacteria and mold. The study was conducted at the temperature from – 1C to – a 17.14 With in the city, which is one of the coldest in Romania. Through the day in one millimeter of snow taken in January contained 5 bacteria’s and in February their number has increased 4 times.

The study showed that in very fresh snow contains a small amount of bacteria. But the snow that managed to remain for two days contain dozens of pathogenic organisms. They multiply in it because of the fresh air as the scientists. By the way, the author of the study decided to hold him after he noticed that his own children quite often eat snow during outdoor activities.