The story of the “ice boy” continued. Learned about it power

The life of this poor boy from a distant Chinese village completely changed when his story reached the local officials. He now knows what it’s like to live in the warmth. Earlier we wrote about 8-year-old Wang Fumane from the Chinese province of Unani, which covered almost 5 miles in the cold and came to school with frozen hair and eyelashes. The photo of the child with frostbitten cheeks and hands published online his teacher, trying to draw attention not only to the life of the van, but also to the situation in the village.

This post has dramatically changed the life of the boy and dozens of other children from poor families. Sympathetic users have collected about 3 million yuan (about 26,5 million) to help the people of the province, of which 100 million yuan (almost 910 thousand) was transferred to the school boy. The remaining funds will be spent on infrastructure development, in particular, conducting heat to needy families.

“Ice boy,” as van is now called in China and beyond, was invited to visit Beijing, where he was greeted with full honors. This is the first journey in his life.

For eight years he never left the limits of their village. He spent his childhood in the old house where he lives together with her older sister and grandmother. Mom had long since left the family, and the father went to work. However, after his son came to prominence, the boy’s father returned and found a good job close to home.

In Beijing, the boy was handed a new warm clothes, showed the sights, talked with him officials and journalists. Van first flew on a plane and went on the bullet train.

A vivid impression of the trip was a visit to the Chinese people’s public security University, which trains future police officers. The boy confessed that he someday dreams of becoming a police officer, to help fight crime.

Sharing his impression about the visit to the capital, Wang told reporters that most impressed by his Central heating.

“Our house is always cold, and in the Beijing heat. At night we have to burn coal, and we sleep in jackets. Here I can walk in a thin shirt!»

The boy also shared his future plans he wants to study well and earn money to buy medicine for a sick grandmother. And the first step to the dream is already done – WAN and his family was given financial assistance in the form of 10 million yuan (about 90 thousand).