Infante: are there any prospects for your relationship? The Opinion Of Michael Labkovsky

Usually infantile mind, a huge flaw. But is everything so simple? Are there any advantages in life with infantile man? Maybe he is an unrecognized genius?

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Инфантил: есть ли перспективы у ваших отношений? Мнение Михаила Лабковского

The concept of “infant” comes from the word “infant” is a child. This man, who has some developmental delays, but in this case, not mental and psychological. If we talk about men, the infantile man is one who, despite her advanced age, continues to behave like a child.

It is expressed primarily in the unwillingness to take responsibility for their own lives, not to mention the responsibility for the family. And if it is for this responsibility to attract, he will do anything to shove it on someone else. Such men are striving not to work, finding that a hundred thousand reasons not to do household chores, but they are very sociable, they have a lot of friends, a lot of interesting activities, often too versatile. Interesting detail: none of these Hobbies does not capture it completely, everything remains at the level of superficial Hobbies: tried one, then another, then a third, then gave up and found a fourth. While Infante is not only not running away from marriage, he often seeks it. Only here in marriage, it is not the position of the head of household and father, and becomes for the woman the older child. And this is not always a tragedy. Infante can become a great older brother to your child with enthusiasm to play with him and have adventures, to share his passion and ideas are encouraged to dream and to be a great partner in all sorts of amusements. Only it is important to understand that any problems from minor to serious — in this family will solve the wife. If a woman is not scared, her marriage may be happy and harmonious because she will be loved. She will dominate, she will listen, solve everything and always will she is likely in her hands will be financial flows. This model is not for everyone, but it has the right to life.

Another thing, if Infante is so selfish and closed in on itself that scares him the thought of any partnership, as it may curtail their rights and to restrict freedom. But even here advise nothing: this man will disappear over the horizon at the first hint of life together.

If for you a model of infantile man — a personal nightmare, to avoid wasting time and disappointments will help, say, early diagnosis. To determine whether infantile man, literally on the first date with him. A typical reaction of this man to any unexpected events (in the restaurant, in the theater changed the schedule of sessions, no place to Park the car): “Oh, what to do?”That is, it does not occur to begin to solve the problem. He immediately shifts the responsibility on you.

What else have issues Infante? Excessive anything. You can collect stamps or play football, but if the passion is a man more than you, you should not waste time on him.

Another important symptom is a man constantly in need of your help or advice. In the worst case even money. He needs to learn, then he needs to invest in the project, then he needs connection anywhere. As soon as you feel that the man pulls out of you a resource (any), think.

Finally, there’s the third type is infantile: unrecognized geniuses. They write scripts that are about to buy a Hollywood. They paint pictures, which will be appreciated descendants. They are working on the novel of the century. Them a few days waiting for the Nobel prize. To live in this prospective winner may in a communal apartment with my mom. I have nothing against creativity and attempts to create a great, but a normal man will do this in their spare time, after paid the rent, threw the mother-the pensioner of money, drove the girl to a movie and the house tidied up. If your a genius, to put it mildly, poor and restless, you have two choices: to flee or take him under his wing.

By the way, almost all great men were terribly childish. Interesting story of Gabriel Garcia Marquez: his whole life, he was dragged to his wife, making, pounding, and cursed him with all his attempts to create a masterpiece. Eventually her patience snapped and she tried to burn his latest novel. Then, Marquez said, this is the last attempt. If this novel will not print — I give up and go to work as a laborer. You guessed it, it was “one Hundred years of solitude”, which was soon followed by the Nobel prize for literature. And Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy, and Pushkin — they were all immature. This is the flip side of genius.

And then you decide.