Toxic types in social networks: stay away from them!

You open your Facebook and in half an hour I feel tired and irritated. Maybe you need to drink a sedative, and may clean the friends list.

Marta Ketro

Marta Ketro



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Marta Ketro
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Токсичные типы в соцсетях: держись от них подальше!

Hygiene information space according to importance to health is in third place — right after washing hands and brushing teeth. People not only “what he eats”, but what he is reading. You can convince yourself that social network for you are nothing, you sit there only for entertainment, to laugh at the freak and look at others ‘ cats. But the information still affects you, gradually changing world view, emotional state — and not always for the better.

We can distinguish three types of network personalities which are most harmful for the observer, I conditionally call them “philosophers”, “protein-hysteric” and “starving”.

The first group includes philosophers, political scientists, economists, sociologists, but not simple, but with an important adjective — “sofa”. To these graduates of the relevant faculties of relationship they have. On the contrary, the worse the education, the louder the voice. They all quickly respond to any news, whether it is a message about the meeting of the state Duma, the attack or the President of any country. “I have always said that”, “Long warned”, “Who benefits?!”People are numb from the horror of reading the first messages about the next disaster, and coaches analysts don’t even do a moment’s pause to reflect on what happened, not trying to learn the details, and immediately concludes: “Here it is, the consequence of the criminal policy of…” Someone? Unimportantly! The main thing — just something to say. They comment on the new law, not even bothering to read the text. They are always aware of the intentions of Donald trump, if they have live coverage of those places of his body, which did not look even Melania trump. And in those rare moments when no French news, they talk about the world, about religion and eternal questions of life. When a man can have ten minutes, why not jot down Postica about the meaning of life? All this information noise annoys is not so much stupidity and false gravitas, as the fact that substitute for real facts and opinions from real experts, and you cease to orientate in what is happening.

“Proteins-hysteric” is also attentive to the environment, but do not analyze, they are chirping. And often make the census a conceited fool of the first category. “Ahhh! Tomorrow I will block the border!”, “Housing will let us in the world, I hate you!”, “Monday lull twenty shepherds! Roar!», «Danger!!! Terrorists put bombs in flashlights!”All day they hate, crying, horrified, in the best case, “neigh-not-can” from under the table. They replicate fakie, rock your mind, squeeze you empty the negative emotions and just intimidated. If you present them with facts to refute another duck, they will only shrug their shoulders: so what, it could happen! They don’t want truth, just an excuse to throw another tantrum.

“Starving” I do not call girls on a diet, and people who are tormented by a different hunger: they crave attention. Comment, likes, sharing. Look how beautiful I am, how complicated. How I suffer. What I have a rich inner world. Regret. Listen. Admire. The feeling that you pulled and pulled at the sleeve, not disdaining any means. Any small experience, the most intimate, the event will be shown to the public. The attention I require. They regularly organize friends scene for the lack of likes or write “will trendite I do if…” — the reason is unimportant, just to pull another batch of energy. They often remove their pages, expecting that friends will be anxious to write letters and call. The first few times it happens but then people get tired of the imaginary mystery and they just shrug their shoulders: “Deleted? Nothing will soon return”. These people provide you with the irritation of a constant background. Remove from friends like that, but you get mad every time, when they tape the next whining.

It is important to remember that the energy, attention and care is better spent on your loved ones and not on those of the network of extortionists. Life itself will throw up cause for concern if you suddenly become boring. Try to separate real events and experiences from other people’s opinions which you impose. Don’t let in to your world of virtual manipulators of hysterical vampires, they can cause very real harm.