Check for yourself: what would happen if years drinking 30 cans of Cola a day?

This experiment was put by the inhabitant of great Britain Donna garner. 31-year-old woman decided to show the world by example that sweet drinks are not as harmful as they say about it. In the study, it took her two decades, after which garner was forced to admit they were wrong.

The experiment is conducted over a British woman was not forced. It was her personal decision. Dose the daily consumption of beverage Donna garner also chose herself. “Only in the composition of Cola a woman drank a kilo of sugar and 4170 calories per day” – calculated the journalists Mirror. It is noteworthy that calculated their figure is two times higher than the norm established by the national health service of England.

Following the stated goals, weekly Donna garner drank 70 liters of Cola. This amount of soda would be possible if desired to fill the tub. It lasted more than 10 years.

Now the British 51. Over the past 20 years, she managed to recover up to size 54 and get the diagnosis “diabetes mellitus type 2”. To get rid of excess weight, eksperimentatora joined the gym. Under the guidance of a coach she managed to lose up to 44 size but the illness now will remain with her until the end of life.

“I’m sorry about what I did. And spent 50 thousand pounds to kill their health. But for that money I could travel, see the world.” concluded Donna garner.

Soda she no longer uses.