Named food whose use is highly overrated

When you select healthy food, as it turned out, an easy mistake to make, the experts told the newspaper “Telegraph”. In the sections “health food” often sold products that does not match this name, said experts.

According to doctors, the recommended for a healthy diet products may contain along with really useful components and harmful substances. They, for example, consider a Breakfast cereal. The packaging of this product, you can read about the benefits of cereals to the cardiovascular system and for lowering cholesterol. But in fact they contained vitamins are synthetic chemical origin, and for this reason it is poorly absorbed by the body, and can also be allergenic to humans. Most cereal is sugar and other harmful ingredients, noted experts.

Another product from this list was the yogurt low-fat. According to a study conducted by the European journal of nutrition, regularly consuming low fat yogurt of people, there were signs of a set of fat mass and dysfunction of the cardiovascular system in exactly the same way as those who ate enough fat yogurt. When selecting yogurt you should take into account the sugar content, not fat, said the physicians.

Products for vegans experts also looked skeptical. “Many people believe that vegetarianism is a healthy lifestyle. But vegans exclude from their diet animal products and substituting plant foods is not as healthy as it seems. The products produced by the industry for vegetarianism is also contain harmful substances and ingredients”, – told the experts of “Telegraph”.

You also need to be careful when choosing bread. Doctors noted that the producers of bread often go to the trick and added to ordinary flour a little flour from the raw grain, in the end labeled as wholesome bread with bran. Often consisting of bread contains a lot of ingredients from buying such a product should be abandoned.

Another kind of harmful products masquerading as healthy – those in which the sugar is replaced with allegedly more useful components, such as fructose. But the high level of fructose is more harmful to the body than ordinary white sugar – experts have warned that fructose destroys the liver and triggers the development of type II diabetes.