7 best protein sources for people with diabetes

Experts in the field of healthy diet called the 7 best foods, rich in proteins, which are suitable for the victims of diabetes. In their case, is of great importance is the diet, and to monitor the content of various nutrients in the diet of diabetics simply must.

Bean products. In 2016, the study showed that drinking 5 cups of legumes weekly reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, helps regulate weight, reduces the risk of obesity. All this is extremely useful when managing diabetes.

Nuts and seeds. Not all nuts contain low amount of calories and adequate protein. You can use them as appetizers that retain a feeling of satiety between meals. The most helpful are almonds, walnuts and traditional in Russia sunflower seeds. They help to normalize the blood sugar level.

Soy. Studies show that sweetened soy foods and isoflavones provide a protective effect on the body of the victims diabetes’s second type. However, it is better to refrain from consumption of processed soy products like soy milk that contain sugar.

Fish and seafood. Regularly consume fish people are less likely to face diabetic retinopathy, very common in that case, if the level of sugar in the body is unstable. This conclusion comes researchers.

Chicken and chicken products. Lean chicken also helps to keep under control the level of sugar in the blood, this product has a low hypoglycemic index. The study shows that the chicken in comparison with other protein sources is very useful to control diabetes.

Bollocks. Conducted in 2011 a study showed that consuming two eggs a day victims of type II diabetes have reduced levels of “bad” cholesterol, and better control blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Milk with low fat content. If one excellent source of protein. Studies show that consuming milk with low fat for 6 months improves insulin resistance, not affecting the lipid and body weight in healthy people.