How to drink coffee from the point of view of the doctor?

Coffee contains not only caffeine but also many other substances, among which acids, aromatics, pigments, and flavour components. About how to drink coffee, said the doctor, candidate of medical Sciences Anna Alexandrova.

According to Romanova, the ability of coffee to activate the secretion of gastric juice is equivalent to the action of the meat broth. If you drink a Cup of black coffee 20-30 minutes after a hearty lunch or Breakfast, the acidity in the stomach reaches a maximum, speeding the process of digestion. But people with stomach problem – stomach ulcer and gastritis with high acidity – so drinking coffee is not worth it.

Those whose health can suffer from rising because of the coffee of acidity, the doctor advised me to replace the natural coffee barley, gelidium and other drinks, either to drink coffee with milk, cream and sugar, so the effect of coffee on gastric secretion is reduced. With low acidity and weak digestion black coffee will only way.

The specialist said that recent studies have demonstrated the ability of coffee to influence the work of the organs of internal secretion.

“Coffee increases the absorption of sugar and inhibits the production of thyroid hormones. People with a tendency to diabetes and disorders from the thyroid gland should consult with your doctor how much and how you can drink coffee,” advised Anna Alexandrova.