Tar soap for dandruff: use and application

Many suffer from such common problem as dandruff, it can be noticed how young people, and those who are older. For some, it disappears in a few weeks or months, and someone cannot get rid of dandruff for several years. There are many folk techniques and pharmacy tools that help to deal with the problem. One of them is coal-tar soap and tar shampoo. Whether they are effective and how to use them correctly?

Tar soap for dandruff: advantages, applications

Dandruff can cause many factors — inappropriate cosmetics, an unbalanced diet, hormonal imbalance, skin diseases. In most cases, the main reason is a wrong care of hair and scalp. In these cases come to the aid of coal-tar soap, it helps to stabilize the acidity of the skin. If the cause is a hormonal imbalance or skin diseases, this tool will be useless.

First of all, I want to warn you that coal-tar soap is not 100% effective remedy and it helps not all and not always, depending on the cause of dandruff. If the problem is in your lifestyle, nutrition, bad habits or diseases — soap will not help to eliminate dandruff. But if the reason was the dryness of the scalp due to improper care, the product will help to cope with the problem.

Tar soap for dandruff gives results after 2-3 treatments. Many did not come to like smell but after half an hour after the procedure he disappears. If the smell is not gone, rinse with vinegar solution (2-3 tablespoons of vinegar per liter of warm water).

The main component of means — birch tar, which has a natural origin. Also included are salts, they are necessary for the formation of foam.

Birch tar kills bacteria, stabilizes the acidity of the skin helps to eliminate dead skin particles and reduce inflammation. Soap promotes the healing of wounds, it also heals psoriasis and seborrhea.

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Suitable coal-tar soap? The tool is not suited to owners of dry scalp as it dries. Soap is recommended for those who have oily skin and hair. Soap helps regulate the production of sebum and reduces the greasiness.

Recommend combining the treatment with lye soap with pharmacy remedies, so you can handle the problem as quickly as possible.

Tar soap for dandruff: applying

You can use the tool no more than 1-2 times a week. Too frequent use can exacerbate the problem, as a result, the skin becomes dry and dandruff will be even greater.

Coal-tar soap its regular use not only reduces the oiliness of the hair, but also accelerates their growth, improves blood circulation, adds volume and Shine.

How to carry out the procedure? Rinse the hair with water, then lather them up with soap to form foam. Don’t need to handle soap directly to the scalp, your task is to create soap suds. If you wish, you can make a soapy solution: nutritionist soap on a fine grater and dissolve it in warm water, then treat with a solution of hair and soap them. 100 ml of water need to take 2-3 teaspoons of crushed soap.

Nasilivata the hair along the entire length of 5-7 minutes, then carefully rinse your curls with warm water, they should be clean without any residues of Soaps. If desired, rinse them in vinegar solution.

How long is the treatment? Once is enough, the treatment lasts 1-2 months. If necessary repeat the course in 2-3 months.

If coal-tar soap didn’t help: what to do?

Perhaps the problem lies deeper and its solution pharmacy is not enough money and tar soap. Your main task at this stage is to determine the cause, this will help you a doctor, consult a dermatologist or mycologist.

Coal-tar soap.

It is not recommended to use for those who have dry scalp and hair, Allergy to components that are sensitive and delicate scalp.

Tar soap for dandruff reviews

  • Natasha: “for several months Now suffer from greasy hair, the result was a large and greasy dandruff. Started to use coal-tar soap, in two weeks the dandruff was significantly less, I will continue the treatment»
  • Nicholas: “I this method did not fit, my head started to itch all day disturbed itching. Apparently, the tool did not fit me, bought in a drugstore shampoo. Though it turned out expensive, but helped»
  • Catherine: “because I am in people’s ways don’t believe the soap used in combination with a therapeutic shampoo. The result was noticeable within a week. Don’t know exactly what worked — soap or shampoo.”

Tar soap for dandruff will help if you also change the means to care for hair. If the problem persists, contact as soon as possible to a specialist.

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