The person may the rest of your life to eat one potato

Researchers claim that people can up to the end of his days to eat one potato and stay perfectly healthy. It turned out that this product reduces the risk of heart attacks and dementia.

For decades potato stubbornly included in the category of the harmful food, and many nutritionists recommend not to lean on him. Now, however, experts in the field healthy diet argue that the use of the popular vegetable that is used for making chips, in reality good for health. Moreover, there was a view that people in General can be fed only potatoes and nothing else for the rest of his life, while maintaining excellent health. Scientists would have done a complete reversal in the case of recommendations about the use of potatoes for human beings. Has been revised a number of scientific studies that have shown that potato has a very pronounced beneficial properties.

So, reviewing one study measuring 60 pages showed that the use of potatoes reduces the risk of heart attack and may even protect against dementia. Overall, researchers from the James Hutton Instituteв Scotland saw a number of advantages of potatoes. They emphasize that if a person aim to eat only one of some product and no other, it is best to choose potatoes, as it will allow you to keep health for a long time. There are few other products that would be so versatile.

Experts stress that the potato contains huge amounts of vitamins, macro and trace minerals, buy supplements which people spend a lot of money. It also has nutrients like carotenoids and polyphenols that are good for health. Finally, the potato contains beneficial dietary fiber. Epidemiological studies conducted with the participation of a large number of the population, show that the potato affects the cardiovascular system the most positive way.