Timothy and Le Havre stood up for the battered DJ Smash

On the night of 10 February in the Perm club “the House of culture” Aleksey Shirman, better known as DJ Smash, he suffered a serious facial injury. He broke her jaw. The victim was accused of assaulting the former Deputy of legislative Assembly of the Perm edge Alexander telepneva, or an expert in unarmed combat. However, he pleaded not guilty, and now the artist friends urge regional authorities to understand what happened and to punish the perpetrators.

According to Andrei Shirman, he was injured because he refused re-photographed with the instigator of the fight by the name of Sergei, Vankevich. “In the beginning, arriving at the club, I was photographed with everyone, including him. But the man turned the picture completely. He came up to me later, in a state of alcoholic intoxication. I was then at the bar, made an order,” recalled DJ Smash.

In response to the requirement to be photographed again, the actor politely refused. Then, Vankevich used force, trying to pull a celebrity, but didn’t keep standing and fell.

“I managed to stand, but standing next to Alexander Telepnev was hit in the face. The blow fell on his temple and jaw. I fell, and then finished off both me legs”, – told Andrey Shirman.

The injury was serious. Doctors gathered a jaw known to the patient almost from scratch and installed the plate. Wear them the artist will now have the rest of your life.

Telepnev has denied involvement in the incident: “I was in the club, Yes. Took a selfie with Shirman, but then departed. The fight is not seen, but saw the police came. Who is hurt Andrew, don’t know.”

However, friends DJ Smash, like the actor, a different point of view. “This ex-member – MMR rukopashke, arranged so many times,” – said on his page on Facebook former resident of Comedy Club, Gabriel Gordeev. Prior to that, according to the comedian, the aggressor got away with it. But now the representatives of show business promise to deal with the former Deputy according to the law.

“I wish I was there that night. Want to pay attention to a member of the regional parties to, maybe, Governor of the Perm Krai – Reshetnikov Reshetnikov – read it and gave relevant instructions to the law enforcement bodies,” said Timothy in his Instagram, showing bruises colleagues.