After a stroke, the chances of survival for Sharon stone was only 5%

Sharon stone told about one of the saddest moments in his life, when at 43, she was struck a massive stroke. The Hollywood star said that the chances of survival, she then accounted for only 5%.

In 2001, when the star of “Basic instinct” was 43 years, Sharon stone has faced with a broad stroke. The actress said that she had to learn to walk again, to talk and to write, as half of her body was immobilised, and the disease changed this woman’s life forever. According to Hollywood stars, at first the doctors gave her only a 5% chance that it will be able to survive after acute disorders of cerebral circulation. The recognition came after the release on TV a documentary about the bleeding into the brain that occur in women. Sharon stone saw it and was so moved that he decided to talk about his own history.

“In 2001 I suffered a severe stroke, spent in intensive care 9 days that changed my life forever, – said the movie star. – The probability of my survival was only 5%. I lost control almost completely the left half of the body, and it took me several years to regain basic skills like reading, writing and speech. When I got home from the hospital, could barely move his legs, my hip was unstable. Left eye nearly blind, and the left ear have not heard. For three years I could not put my own signature and hand would not obey the orders of the brain.”

Despite such a heavy blow, the actress admitted that she found the strength to recover for his beloved work and family. Because of the stroke she lost her unique photographic memory, which had enabled her to memorize the script from the first reading. Today Sharon has to learn the role much longer, but she doesn’t consider it a big problem if you compare with what could be the end for her stroke. Sharon stone urges women not to ignore the disturbing symptoms like severe headaches and visual impairment, immediately referring to the doctors.