Alcohol consumption at a young age harms the development of bone tissue

Scientists have confirmed that regular consumption of alcohol slows down the growth of bones in adolescents.

Long known that heavy alcohol consumption is a significant risk factor for osteoporosis. Scientists from Institute of pathophysiology and Allergy study at the University of Vienna (Austria) found that this factor affects the condition of the bone tissue at a young age.

An experimental study was conducted on piglets, which in the interventional group was received twice a week a mixture of the alcohol with Apple juice. This daily dose corresponds to 1.4 g of pure alcohol per kilogram of body weight. Animals from the control group did not receive alcohol.

At different time points in pigs took samples of blood for determination of markers of metabolism in bones and muscles. Two months later, also took samples of bone tissue. The study showed that under the influence of alcohol, the processes of formation of bone tissue significantly slowed down. In addition, the blood samples had a low content of phosphorus and potassium, which is also the case for people consuming a lot of alcohol.