Meditation and prayer do help

mediiita.jpgPsychologists at the University of Virginia found that spiritual practices actually can change a person’s life, to cure disease, relieve stress, etc. a Number of studies have shown a link between spirituality and wellbeing. While spirituality does not necessarily imply religion, said the researchers.

They asked 87 College students maintain a daily online diary about your emotions, mood, self-esteem and various spiritual practices including. They then looked at how these practices coincide with the daily emotional UPS and downs. The analysis showed that the lessons related to spirituality coincides with the subsequent increase in self-esteem and positive mood. The reason, according to scientists, is that spirituality gives people a sense of meaning in life, resilience, outside assistance that increases their faith in a good future.

On the bad days, the students often turned to the prayers, meditations, and the following days were indeed better! “Spiritual day” today leads to “happy tomorrow” – so primitive to describe this phenomenon. In particularly critical situations, people are making serious efforts in the spiritual life, and as a result their life can really change dramatically for the better.