Patience is a sign of high intelligence

American researchers have conducted a series of experiments involving chimpanzees, the details of which shared Current Biology. Scientists have made some interesting conclusions about the relationship of such qualities as patience and intelligence.

The authors of the scientific project, the staff of Georgia State University, came in the final of his investigations to the conclusion that patience and a well-developed self-control are signs of high intelligence. In favor of this conclusion is indicated by the data of trials involving monkeys and children.

In particular, working with chimpanzees, psychologists have asked them to make a choice. Subjects were able to get a plate with the largest number of grapes only, provided that patiently wait until the dishes will all take turns coming down the berries. But also, chimpanzees could choose a plate, which was already low of grapes, four of them.

In the end it turned out that chimps had the will power for a large number of berries, were the most intellectually developed in the group of relatives.

A similar experiment was carried out in the 1960s involving children aged 4-6 years, says Current Biology. Children could choose to obtain a piece of biscuit and marshmallow in right away, or wait 15 minutes to receive a double portion. After 30 years, scientists have tracked the fate of the participants of the experiment, it turned out that they showed restraint children in the future have achieved much greater success in life than their impatient counterparts.

Chimpanzees are the most genetically close to the people, the fauna, their genetic base is the same as with a human about 90%. Scientists believe that a bunch of “willpower – intellect” has an evolutionary basis.