Scientists have found the cure for cancer due to the deadly disease

American researchers at northwestern University made the discovery that in humans suffering from Huntington’s disease and developing compounds able to kill cancer cells. Protein substance in question, has confirmed its ability to fight tumors of the breast, prostate, liver, brain, lung, skin and colon.

Scientists have discovered that the body of patients with Huntington’s chorea produces a defective form of the protein huntingtin able to destroy tumor cells. Experts have developed a formulation based on the component and tested the drug on mice. They found that when injected into tumor tissue protein significantly slowed its growth – it does not manifest any side effects.

During the experiments a positive result from the action of protein was recorded for mice with a history of ovarian cancer. In the treatment of other cancers with it, you can also count on the desired result, said the scientists.

A new method using small interfering RNA not only effectively helped to stop the development of cancer. It was also found that the onkokletok have not developed resistance to this therapy is the ability of the cancer is one of the most serious problems for medical Oncology.

“Huntingtin reduce the risk of developing cancer by 80%. Tumor has no resistance to this type of treatment, in the end, a dangerous disease can fully retreat,” suggested the authors of the project.

Huntington’s disease (Huntington’s chorea) is an incurable disease of the nervous system affecting parts of the brain that control motor responses and reflexes, and later completely destroy the cortex. Life expectancy with this diagnosis is 15-20 years.

According to that their main task now is to develop a method that allows you to deliver the body of the sick cancer patient’s cells chorea so that it does not contracted the fatal neurological disease.