Scientists: microvascular complications of diabetes can be a cause of cognitive decline

The increase of sugar level in the blood may be associated with cognitive impairment, found scientists from the health Science center of Peking University.

The researchers assessed cognitive function 5189 people, whose average age was 66 years, and identified the level of blood sugar with HbA1c test is a biochemical indicator of blood, which reflects average blood sugar over a long period (up to three months). The tracking performance was carried out over 10 years, the researchers reported in an article published in the journal Diabetologia.

At the beginning of the studies on the link between blood sugar levels and cognitive abilities have been identified. However, over time the performance tests of memory and Executive function declined with increasing HbA1c levels, even in people without diabetes. The researchers took into account other factors, including age, sex, cholesterol, BMI, education level, marital status, depression, Smoking, alcohol consumption, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

According to the authors, the study is observational in nature and does not explain the causality of the results. However, it is noted that the “diabetes-related microvascular complications can be, at least partially, the reason for the subsequent decline of cognitive functions. Further analysis guarantees the identification of the exact mechanisms.”


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