Aging has been suggested as a curable disease

In the scientific world increasingly promoted the idea that aging can be treated as a disease, thus prolonging life for decades. Animal studies have shown that certain species prolong life is quite real – it gives hope for a repetition of the same experience in humans, scientists say.

One of the leaders of the anti-aging movement, chief scientific officer of SENS research Foundation, Aubrey de grey is deeply involved in studying the problem of extension of healthy period of human life. According to the scientist, speaking about the struggle with old age, you need to understand that we are not talking about the termination of the biological aging process. But researchers suggested methods can give people 30 extra years of life.

Scientists appreciate aging as a complex of disorders in the body, which begin to develop various diseases. DNA and cells as human life accumulate damage, increasing the risk of tissue damage. There are seven biological factors that destroy cells, leading to aging and to the development of age-related diseases.

“For example, tissue cells are updated quickly enough; or the cells multiply uncontrolled, as in cancer; or the cells do not die on time, which also causes cancer; mitochondrial DNA damage; accumulation of garbage in the cell; the accumulation of waste outside the cells; strengthening the lattice structure outside the cells — extracellular matrix that allows tissues to stretch and bend” – said Di gray and his team at Sens Research Foundation.

To halt cellular aging, according to Di gray, it is possible through stem cells therapy, providing a fresh supply of new cells to replace the dead. But this is only one solution – other problems of aging may require more sophisticated methods, says an expert. For example, it is possible to maintain the body’s genes that will Express the cells that produce proteins-killer.

According to several studies, on animals, treatment of old age can indeed have a biological basis. In 2013, scientists from the stem cell Institute Harvard were able to increase the muscle strength of mice (loss of muscle strength is a marker of aging) growth factor found in the blood of young animals. Also there is reason to believe that the key to life extension may be the reduction of calories consumed.