Atopic dermatitis is associated with impaired skin microbiome

The study has deepened the understanding of correlation functions of the skin and its bacterial population.

In patients with atopic dermatitis the skin microbiome differs significantly from that of a healthy person: the composition of bacteria is different, their diversity is less. This relationship is described by scientists in an article published Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Previously, the microbiome of human skin was studied only in certain specific areas. The study showed that changes in bacterial population are found also outside the areas affected by atopic dermatitis. It also appeared that the inflammation so alter the skin microbiome that is impossible to detect normal variations in the microflora that are available in different bodily areas.

Hansjörg, Baurecht employee of the Department of dermatology, venereology and Allergology University hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Keel:

“The diversity and proportion of Staphylococcus specific for dry and inflamed skin is gradually reduced, while constantly increasing their dominance of other strains, especially Staphylococcus aureus”.