By 2028 there will be some medical analysis on true love

Medicine can come to the aid of people who are in search of true love. By 2028 in sales may appear to the tests, which will become clear whether a person is experiencing these deep feelings, or simulates them.

After 10 years in sales may appear medical tests to search for true love, says one of the world’s most famous neurologists Dr. Fred Nour from California. These are completely painless means diagnostics will determine the presence of brain chemicals, evidence of love. This need is similar to an MRI scanner. And although most people will use these gadgets, just for a laugh, others will use it in order not to create a family with the wrong person, or to ascertain the authenticity of their own feelings.

The analysis is able to identify the chemical substance nonapeptide, which are produced in sufficient quantities only as strong love, the researchers believe. This test will provide a clear answer to the question of whether a man is in love or mimics these feelings. If the test is not detected in brain a sufficient number of nonapeptides it will be to speak about the absence of true love. Dr. Nur emphasizes that no one can fall in love for real, rather than peptides in their head.

Today the procedure for the measurement of the volume of nonapeptides in the brain can be performed only on laboratory animals. However, the development of medical technology will make this test a reality for people by 2028, according to Dr. Nour. Unlike lie detectors, and other existing devices, the scanner will not be deceived, and the accuracy of its readings closer to 99%. The expert believes that two-thirds of people who passed through this procedure to find out exactly how true are their feelings just for a laugh, but the remaining third would be to pursue a serious goal.