Chronic fatigue syndrome – a disease surrounded by many stereotypes

heellpsinf.jpgChronic fatigue syndrome – a disease surrounded by so many stereotypes, like no other: “Yes, I too tired”, “they are just too lazy to go to work”, “how fatigue can be considered a disease?”etc. To dispelling such misconceptions it is very helpful to watch the documentary “restlessness” (“Unrest”) on the people, unable to relax, how much they slept.

Here are some facts from it:

1. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is not a psychological condition, not a mental disorder and not a neurological pathology. It is primarily an immune disease!
2. Therefore, CFS occurs after the disease caused by viruses of the specified types.
3. And that’s why can happen the whole “epidemic” CFS.
4. It’s not just fatigue. The function of the body’s cells are damaged and worse grab vital substances such as oxygen and glucose, so the body can restore energy. As the old discharged battery that no longer works to charge.
5. This serious disease. A quarter of suffering from CFS confined to bed because they are too weak to stand up to her.
6. The disease is insufficiently investigated, and proven cure for CFS yet. Ill should be: if in five years will not pass, it’s unlikely to pass at all.

The more you can learn firsthand in the film “restlessness”, because Director Jennifer Brea herself suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. She took video of his life and the other suffering from CFS people have done interviews with scientists and doctors – all online, because she almost never gets out of bed…