Experts said how to make children stay in school more healthy

New pedagogical concept aimed at improving the social atmosphere and the development of skills of solving interpersonal problems.

Scientists from The Institute of psychosocial medicine and psychotherapy at University hospital of Jena (Germany) presented practical recommendations on the improvement of the daily routine of schoolchildren. In addition to the health benefits of recommendations aimed at improving the social activity of children.

The program of scientists of Jena offers measures on increase of concentration in the students and teaching them important life skills. Considerable time was devoted to ways of overcoming conflicts and various life difficulties, in particular in the transition to a new training group. The program is presented in the form of posters that met the specialists of the positive response. Together with medical insurance Barmer, AOK Plus, Techniker Krankenkasse as well as Fund Jena-Saale-Holzland the next phase of the project expanding the target group of students.