Genetic therapy will help fully conquer AIDS

Can the technology for editing genes to help in the fight against AIDS? Scientists are going to re-repeat a risky procedure that 10 years ago, is fully healed from AIDS man, now known as the Berlin patient, but caused a catastrophic deterioration of the health of others.

Experts say that gene therapy can be used again for the treatment HIV and aid’s. Exactly 10 years ago this therapy has cured a patient in Germany, who became the first man in history who got rid of the invincible disease. Note that HIV has long ceased to be a death sentence, turned into the same chronic disease, such as, for example, diabetes. With regular intake of medications HIV patients can live to old age. However, scientists are still trying to defeat this disease and create methods that can completely cure HIV. Last year, the Center for control and prevention of diseases of the United States stated that receiving within 6 months of the drugs from the category of antiretroviral therapy patients safely reach the stage where their HIV can not be transmitted to others. And it allows HIV-positive individuals to return to such professions as doctors, teachers and many others.

The Berlin patient called unique in the world that won AIDS but it is not so. There are other people with HIV, not taking medication after using genetic therapy. For example, a resident of San Francisco Matt Capell took powerful medicines against AIDS for more than 10 years, but they are poorly controlled development of its HIV. In 2014 he took part in the experiment with the use of genetic therapy, in which scientists removed some of his blood cells had activated genes that help them resist HIV, then brought the cells back into the bloodstream. Matt is not taking HIV medications for more than three and a half years. Even after last year he went through cancer treatment, seriously damaged his immune system, he still do not need medication to control the HIV infection.

However, this is still the exception rather the rule. More than 100 other patients who participated in similar experiments a couple of years still came back to receive the HIV medicines because the virus to Wake up. But now researchers believe that they have perfected gene therapy and has developed new methods for effects on DNA. Perhaps they will help lead to the emergence of thousands of so-called Berlin patients.