Modern people are struck an unusual disease of the nervous system

Haven’t studied science a neurological disorder called APD (auditory processing disorder) is a pathology which disorder processing auditory information. Suffering from APD, the person hears speech addressed to him, but not able to understand its meaning.

“If you think people not paying attention often says the words, it is possible that his brain just can’t cope with the perception of information by hearing” – allow researchers from the United States. They propose to consider APD a separate violation of the Central nervous system, which people with normal hearing cannot adequately recognize and interpret speech sounds.

According to experts, suffering from APD children and the surrounding adults often perceive negatively the behavior of such people is regarded as malicious, they criticized the lack of sensitivity, callousness. While the problem is not that people with this violation refuses to listen to advice and requests. The problem is that he can hear but not understand, the researchers note.

APD is difficult to diagnose, with tests hearing this violation can be detected is, say American psychiatrists. According to them, from an unusual disorder can suffer up to 20% of adults. Men tend to develop podrobnoi anomalies more often than women.

Children to suspect the existence of APD can be, especially in those cases when signs of autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, dyslexia – this type of neurological disorders often co-exists in conjunction with these pathologies. APD may result in a delay of speech development and difficulties with behavior and learning, said the researchers.