Preparing professional standards for clinical psychologists

Professional standards for the training of clinical psychologists will be developed this year that will improve the quality of training of these professionals and to eliminate their deficit. This was stated by the Deputy Director of the Department of public health & communications Ministry of health of Russia Valery Buzin February 14 at a press conference in MIA “Russia today”.

According to him, today, healthcare is experiencing a shortage of such experts: “Really good clinical psychologists cook very little: in Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, msumd named after A. I. Evdokimov, St. Petersburg state University and Tomsk state University. Much work is being done with the Ministry of education and science, to limit the release of these specialists in non-core universities”.

Problem areas Valery Buzin called the lack of clinical facilities and faculty adequate level. “Without clinical base release specialist who knows what to do with the patient. Well, the quality of the faculty – normal is only in a few universities. Such a frame must have a certain skill level to have a degree, know what the scientific work and at the same time possess experience with patients,” he explained.

Today, experts can’t even answer the question, what in the country the need for medical psychologists. “Impossible to answer, because there is a system restore rehabilitation, – said Dean of the faculty of psychology of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, Vice-President of Russian Academy of education Yuriy Zinchenko. If we denote the ratio, then dividing the number of rehabilitation beds to 15, learn staffing requirements. As for other institutions, you need to look in each specific case. In the world it so happened that in the area of medical psychology generally accepted standards no who this number is not defined. It is therefore necessary to develop standards that were reasonable load for these professionals and at the same time were taken into account realistically available resources”.

Yuriy Zinchenko said that the step forward was prepared by the Ministry of health and Minobrom “road map” to tackle the shortage of medical psychologists. Increased the check digit of their training budget.