Scientists were shocked by the amount inhaled from the air plastic

Before risk to suffer from penetrating into the body of the micro-particles of plastic were exposed to only the people working in the field of production of plastic products. But today, to get a lethal dose of chemicals can be virtually any huge amount of plastic is inhaled directly from the air.

Plastic enters the body of a man just because he breathes air, said scientists from the University Fernando Pessoa in Portugal. According to them, the day you can breathe up to 130 tiny microparticles of polymeric materials is not counting those present in this fiber synthetic fabrics, particles, urban dust, automobile tires.

“Human lungs are exposed to from 26 to 130 micro-particles of plastic per day, which creates a high health risk, especially for children and people with a predisposition to respiratory infections. Such people, the impact of plastic particles can cause asthma, autoimmune diseases, and diseases of the cardiovascular system,” – said the study’s lead author, Dr. joana Prata Correia.

According to the expert, more likely to suffer from the inhalation of particles of plastic risk people in areas where there is good ventilation. In such circumstances, the plastic enters the lungs from upholstery, carpets, and vents appliances. Additionally, the plastic pollution is growing along with the increase in the production of clothes made of synthetic fibers.

Scientists have warned that such fibers, once in your lungs, hold in them and other toxic substances from the environment.