The vegan diet will protect overweight people from diabetes

The transition to a vegan diet can prevent the development of diabetes in people with obesity. Vegetarian diet increases insulin sensitivity, the study showed.

Having excess weight people traditionally are in the risk group in connection with the threat of the development of their diabetes’s second type. Doctors usually recommend them to lose weight and pay more attention to the diet in order to prevent life-threatening metabolic disorders. And now American scientists have found that a simple transition to vegan food is quite effective in the prevention of diabetes’s people with excess weight. If they start to take solely vegetarian food, thereby achieve increased sensitivity to insulin. Reduced sensitivity to this hormone is a major factor in diabetes in people with obesity.

The study also showed that vegan diet improves the functioning of beta cells that store and produce insulin. There is a view that the benefits of a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and legumes, provides loss of excess weight and gaining a slim waist. The current study was another confirmation of good vegetarian and vegan food. Type II diabetes is often called the silent killer because it gradually causes its victims to heart failure, blindness, kidney disease and even amputation in some cases.

Diabetes is caused by excessive amount of sugar in the blood because the body is not able to fully process it into energy. As the progression of the disease, its victims need to adhere to healthy diet regime exercise and taking appropriate medication to control diabetes. Life expectancy of patients with type II diabetes, according to scientists, is reduced to 10 years.