Moms special kids participated in a touching flash mob in support of world day of people with down syndrome

Mom sang karaoke in the car – but the main stars of the video were not them.
Simeon Neely and his mother Rebecca

On the eve of international day of people with down syndrome, which is celebrated on March 21, in Youtube unusual video with the inspiring name of “50 mom, 50 children, 1 chromosome” (50 Mums, 50 Kids, 1 Chromosome).

He went out with the hashtag #wouldntchangeathing and gathered more than 500 thousand views on Youtube and 3 million views on Facebook.

The author of the idea – 35-year-old Rebecca Charles of the English city of Coventry. She has three children, one of whom is 4-year-old son Archie at birth was diagnosed with down syndrome.

Archie Carless with mom Rebecca

Inspired by the videos of the group “Singing hands” (Singing Hands), performing nursery rhymes using system Makaton (language program combining speech, gestures, and symbols), Rebecca organized a flashmob performance on the karaoke in the car, joined by mom 54.

“We wanted to show that we are normal mothers, beloved and loving their children. They are exactly the same as all the other four years in office. We would not for whom they are not traded”.

Each family has its own story. 28-year-old Janey Perkins and her 30-year-old husband Nick – the parents of the little Blyth. That their daughter has down syndrome, the couple learned soon after her birth.

Jenny Perkins and the baby Blyth

But, according to Jenny, they deliberately refused genetic tests during pregnancy and were ready for it. “The doctors are telling us the news, said that never saw a couple happier than ours. I didn’t care – my daughter was just perfect.”

38-year-old teacher from Southampton – Karen Blanco – appeared on video with his three year old daughter Ellie.

Karen Blanco with her daughter Ellie

“I’d like to see a movie that day, when Ellie was born. Around down syndrome so much negativity! Maybe this video would give me hope.”

40-year-old Karen Scott from Motherwell sang karaoke together with 3-year-old daughter Amy and 6-year-old son Lucas. “We accept our children for who they are, and enjoy life with them.”

Karen Scott children

Their vocal talent and demonstrated the 4-year-old Connie. Her mother Julie is happy that a video like different users, not just members of the community on issues related to down syndrome.

Julie Britton with her daughter Connie

“When people watch our video, they are happy – this is the feeling which give us our children, she says. I read the review online… a 9 year old child asked: “What is common in all children on the video?” And he said, “They use sign language”. This is awesome! No down syndrome, or disabled or worse… the Child saw only their wonderful skills”.