One-year-old girl almost died because of a dental gel. The mother pleaded guilty

A resident of Virginia almost lost her daughter, trying to ease her teething.

34-year-old mother, Daniel and decorated on the outside has shared her story in the hope that her experience will help save the life of any child. At the end of February this year, the woman used Oraljel tooth gel to reduce pain from teething her daughter Chloe who was just a year and three months.

According to mother, she squeezed out of the tube a small amount of drugs and rubbed them gums girl. Almost immediately Chloe stopped breathing and react to touch.

“There was a feeling that something inside it stopped – as if she was no longer there, – says Daniel. Although her eyes were open, her gaze on anything not focused”.

The girl’s father Mike called the ambulance, while her mother was in panic did daughter’s artificial respiration. But the girl did not respond.

“I screamed. It was the scariest thing to me ever happened, says Daniel. – I did everything I could to get her back. But it seemed that she was gone. I took his daughter in his arms, and she just sagged. It was awful”.

After thirty seconds, which seemed to Daniel an eternity, the girl began to come around. Medics arrived on the scene, confirmed that Chloe is all right. But Daniel sat beside her all night, afraid to leave her daughter even for a minute.

In an interview with us People magazine official representatives of the company Church&Dwight (manufacturer of dental gel Oraljel) reported that the drug “contains benzocaine and is recommended for use in children older than two years.” On the company website and packaging for dental gel also says that the drug can be used in children younger than 24 months only after consultation with a specialist.

Daniel admits that he knew about the age restrictions on the use of the gel, but didn’t think it could cause any negative reaction from her daughter, which she describes as a “perfectly healthy child”.

Baby Chloe is never sick

After the incident she began to look for the information about the current stuff and read that the Office for the control of foodstuffs and medicines USA strongly recommends the use of benzocaine as anesthetic in children younger than 24 months.

Benzocaine can cause methemoglobinemia – a violation of the functions of hemoglobin, the symptoms of which are shortness of breath, blue or pale skin color, dizziness, syncope and tachycardia. In some cases can even be fatal.

“If I had known that the application of the harmless children’s medication can lead to such consequences, I would never have given his daughter,” says Daniel. She urges all parents to carefully read the information on the product packaging and to use only products recommended by a specialist.