Flu season: what is the danger of the banal ORZ?

Every adult at least once in a lifetime chance encounter with the cold symptoms: sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, sneezing. Surprising: acute respiratory disease the most common group of diseases encountered by the inhabitants of our planet.


Most colds can be treated and disappear in about a week, without leaving any complications. However, you should not lightly to slight colds, any infection is a risk to undermine the health.

Untimely, insufficient or incorrect treatment for cold threatened in the first place, the complications.

How to prevent complications? Even when easy as you think, the cold, from the beginning of the disease should start treatment immediately, do not wait until the disease goes away. Recommended bed rest, drinking plenty of fluids (juice, compote, water with lemon, raspberries, currants), nasal lavage sea water or salt solutions, rinsing, inhalations, ingestion of the antitussive funds, depending on the type of cough. If the cough is dry, therapy, means of mitigating cough, at night, exhausting cough recommended means stopping cough, wet cough, on the contrary, the necessary means of facilitating the expectoration of sputum. To choose the right treatment plan can only be a doctor. Do not self medicate.


The main signs of an impending cold

There are a few alarming signs that you might suspect that common colds have already switched to another, more dangerous form and should immediately contact your doctor and the sooner this is done, the better. What symptoms should cause concern?

  • Fever

Common colds when the temperature rarely rises above 38.5 °C. most Often, the common cold occurs without increasing the temperature or at a temperature 37,0 – 37,3°C.

If the temperature is above 38.5 °C for several days (3-4), is not reduced when taking antipyretics, accompanied by shortness of breath or rapid breathing, very rapidly to maximum values (39-40 °C), it is a signal of danger, immediately call the doctor!

  • Runny nose

Runny nose, continuing more than a week and accompanied by additional symptoms, such as difficulty in nasal breathing, headache, purulent discharge, signs of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the paranasal sinuses – sinusitis and lesions of the maxillary sinuses – sinusitis. Shortness of breath, twang, morning cough, fever – such a pattern may indicate the adenoids. In these cases require immediate consultation of a doctor’s consultation.

  • Pain in the ears

The appearance of severe pain in the ears, congestion, noise, temperature rise should be cause for concern. These are signs of inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media). Otitis media often occurs against SARS when joining a bacterial infection. Requires immediate consultation of ENT specialist.

  • Cough

Long, persistent cough is a danger signal. If the cough lasts more than weeks, after an apparent improvement again increases the temperature, there is a weakness, pain in the chest, there is a probability of occurrence of bronchitis or pneumonia. Requires mandatory referral to a therapist or pulmonologist.


How to protect yourself from infection

A normal immune system protects us from common infections allows to take fewer medicines and to stay healthy.

If the system fails, it is primarily expressed in frequent respiratory infections, and occurring long-term complications.

Ликопид-таблетки.jpgTo avoid unwanted problems in the season of colds will help preventive medication Likopid® 1 mg Likopid® is an analogue of the universal fragment of bacterial cell wall – glucosaminilmuramilpentapeptide (GMDP). GMDP is part of the cell membranes of all available on Earth of bacteria that normally it is produced in the body during the digestion of bacteria by macrophages, so the impact on the human body of the drug Likopid® to the greatest extent close to the natural process of immune regulation. With these properties the drug is its good tolerance by patients. Likopid® does not bear the excess antigenic load, which could cause additional side effects.

The main target of the drug Likopid® in the body are cells of the monocyte-macrophage system, activating that Likopid® quickly and efficiently launches all the links in antibacterial and antiviral immunity: phagocytosis, cytotoxic activity of macrophages, natural killer and T-lymphocytes, humoral immunity. Therefore, when meeting with the bacteria and viruses your body will be able to give an adequate response to the attack and to avoid complications!

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There are contraindications. Before applying you must read the instructions.