How to eat enough and to eat? 6 of the rules

Very often trying to lose weight, we come to the conclusion that you need to limit the amount of food consumed. But how to do it to feel full, but eat little. There are 6 basic rules, doing that you will be able to control your appetite, and subsequently weight!

The First rule: “do Not eat on an empty stomach “

The essence of this rule is that when a person is hungry, he eats too much and stop him in time is quite difficult. As a rule, a person overeating and gaining excess. All this can be prevented if before the desired meal to eat cucumber, an Apple or a piece of bread with salt, wait 7-10 minutes, and only then sit down at the table.

The Second rule is ” Eat normally.”

It is very important to eat sitting down, preferably at the table. Scientists have observed that people standing or on-the-go eats much more, this is due to how our minds work. Probably everyone has heard the saying “Standing is more like” it’s true.

The third rule: “Eat from small utensils “

The same amount of food our brain perceives differently, if it is in a different container. Psychologically, eating a full small plate, we’ll be satisfied with than if you compare for example with a big full plate, which you will probably want to Supplement. Ideal small plates, is for example a bowl or saucer. Buy new plates here: Is also important color. The most “delicious” color is blue or light blue. And, that’s with a spoon is also important to work, it should be tea, preferably the left hand if right handed and on the contrary, if the main hand is the left.

The fourth rule: “the Whole portion should be in front of you”

Restrict yourself from the temptation to eat unplanned, may all that you want to use is in front of you. So you will plan in advance how much to eat and not work, for example going for dessert, accidentally succumb to provocation in the form of another portion.

Rule the fifth: “There are no distractions “

Those who think about how consumed the food, I noticed that when doing something for example reading or watching TV, control over the amount of food is not possible, even if you put a certain amount of food, eating it in front of the TV, you will not feel satiety, all business again, our brain, because he was busy. At all contested if there are thinking about eating slow, chewing well and enjoying every bite, the feeling of fullness will come faster and you will not eat too much!

Rule the sixth: “Limit consumption of salt and spices”

There is nobody not a secret that salt and spices are used to improve appetite, which actually we’re struggling. It is therefore recommended to limit the use of salt and spices, or even abandon them.

Here are the basic principles to reduce appetite, these rules are quite simple and using them you will achieve the desired result, do not stop!