How to maintain the beauty and health, working in the office

“Keep your back straight, don’t slouch!”

This phrase is familiar to us from school, but very few think about how it’s really important for our wellbeing, what are the serious consequences of bad posture on our health and on our quality of life in General.

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A person is healthy and young for as long as his spine is flexible – claimed the ancient healers. And keep it so supple and healthy in our hands! How lifestyle affects the health of the spine?

Man, originally created by nature for movement, one spends most of their active time in a squatting position, thereby provoking the development of various diseases involving the spine and internal organs.

The condition of the spine influences all processes of the body, inside the spinal canal is the spinal cord with many centers that control internal organs. Bad posture contributes to the appearance of spinal deformities and, as a consequence, the repositioning of the internal organs of the thoracic and abdominal cavities, which may entail violation of their normal functions. So, for example, compression of the lungs in a hunched position adversely affects their ability to provide the body with oxygen, which first and foremost affects the supply of oxygen to the brain and other vital organs and, consequently, leads to reduced efficiency, ability to concentrate.

Compression of the abdominal organs leads to disturbances in the digestive tract. Incorrect posture can even have a negative impact on our emotional state – in-clamped position we seem to be depressed, frustrated.

Surely everyone is aware of the most common this picture – we’re sitting, leaning to the monitor or instrument, the neck is extended, back bent, chest squeezed, legs crossed and pressed under the chair… What happens to the spine at the moment:

  • The head weighs 6% of the total body weight is approximately 3-6 kg. But when tilting the head forward those 6 lbs turns into 20, and even 30 kg. the Spine is “designed” so that the entire load is distributed evenly on it. Each intervertebral disc takes its part of the load. All this allows us not to feel the weight of the head. What happens when tilting the head when reading, working at the computer? To cope with high load in this position, the neck muscles have to strain more. In this they bear a high load in an extended form. If this situation becomes habitual, it gradually sprain in the cervical spine causing vertebral instability leads to the deterioration of intervertebral discs, pinched their vessels and nerve endings.
  • The development of these pathologies may lead to constant pain in the cervical spine, and severe headaches, migraines.

Unfortunately, very often neither in the office nor home, no one monitors the correct posture at the computer table. Meanwhile, 90% of all spinal disorders are acquired due to the uneven distribution of the load on the spine in sitting or standing, during sleep.

Such disorders are extremely common and require timely correction, otherwise they can lead to the development of such disorders as herniated discs, which cause limited mobility due to severe pain in various areas of the spine, pinching the nerve endings that are closely associated with the functioning of internal organs.

To protect yourself from possible problems by ensuring proper seat at the Desk. What is it, let’s look in detail:


Transform the ordinary Desk to an ergonomic and safe for the health with the help of ergonomic accessories:

  • Back pad is able to evenly distribute the pressure on different parts of the spine to provide back up for the entire length of the spine, thereby reducing stress and muscle fatigue.
  • Footrest provide free blood circulation in the lower extremities, prevent the compression of blood vessels and muscles of the lower thigh, which prevents swelling, numbness and pain in the lower extremities, pelvic organs.
  • Stand for the monitor thanks to the wide range of height adjustment ensure a correct location of the monitor relative to the eyes – so we didn’t have to lean in to the monitor. In addition, you must use a specialized stand for mobile devices – notebooks, tablet PCs, smartphones.
  • Mouse pads ensure the correct position of the wrist during work with computer mouse and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome – compression of the median nerve of the wrist, which leads to partial or complete numbness, loss of mobility and severe pain in the wrist.

Comprehensive care back

To solve the complex problem of the organization of the workplace is possible by means of ergonomic accessories company Fellowes, a global leader in the field of office products:


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Take care of your health, take care of comfort and safety in the office and at home!

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*FIRA International is an independent consultant in ergonomics. Products marked with this logo, complies with the legal requirements of the European Union in the field of health, hygiene and safety in the workplace.