Status Carmen: how hormones affect our mood, well-being and personal life

Every woman and every man sooner or later notice a moodiness or feelings. First love of a man to tremble in the fingers, and then, BAM! and all passed. I do not want to hear and see the object of his recent affection. Heart ready for new love, that, like the first time, to experience the euphoria of a dizzying novel. And now there are new passionate novels, and their “instigators” get the status of Carmen or don Giovanni. But how guilty are these heroes?


It turns out that all this buffeting and the flood of feelings often occur because of hormones that, as the puppeteers are driving us.

For the love and affection is responsible phenylethylamine, which is produced in the amygdala of the brain. It is thanks to him we’re capable of great passion and sacrifice for the sake of a loved one.

What hormones help to keep the family together

Attraction lovers can reinforce the stress hormone adrenaline, which is produced in the adrenal cortex. The pair, who together have experienced strong emotions (jumped with a parachute, fed a tiger or mastered jumping), more satisfied with their relationships than their more “home people”.

A feeling of euphoria dopamine is responsible. Its active concentration pushes man to the conquest and the subjugation has not yet mastered vertices. With a lack of this hormone, people become lethargic, unhappy life of creatures that can not without sadness to look at the world.

Not to become a dull person, you need each day to pamper yourself with all sorts of amenities. In the extreme case, for this purpose, suitable just chocolate!

I want to love! (Not) want to suffer what hormones protect from pain

You need to “cure for pain”? Then you endorphins. These little heroes save you from boredom, pain and other unpleasant emotional feelings. No wonder during childbirth when a woman undergoes tremendous pain, the endorphins to help her cope with this, at times, unbearable feeling.

However, not all the reigning power of hormones! We women are created differently. I think that is why after the argument we’re long time can not calm down and last longer in a Huff with their Cavaliers? This is due to more reactivity and lability of the nervous system. So all these hurtful words, especially the most popular and rough “hysterical”, we are treated only in rare cases, when the case enters the woman. Another question is how to determine where a character begins and ends with the power of nature or power of hormones!


A hormone that gives a feeling of happiness and how to get it

Serotonin (“happiness hormone”) – a biologically active substance involved in the transmission of nerve impulses. In addition, it affects your appetite, mood, and sexual activity with “+”sign.

At the moment, due to chronic stress, overwork and lack of physical activity, the development of this hormone is markedly reduced. To avoid the critical drop, you should carefully review your meal plan.

Also we should not forget about foods that contains tryptophan (essential amino acid). In the ranking of the most popular are: milk, eggs, cheese, fruit, tomatoes, peppers and bitter chocolate.

The biggest advantage will be food with a high content of antioxidants and B vitamins: buckwheat, oats, melon, dried fruits, brown rice and cabbage.

And full of happiness go to the store for turmeric, which contains curcumin. This substance retards the formation of enzymes that break down serotonin.

How to restore serotonin levels

The diet lady that loves to reduce everything to the drama, must also be present seafood and olive oil. In the composition of these products is a polyunsaturated fatty acid omega-3, which has a positive effect on serotonin receptors, increasing their sensitivity.

But if your the cook or the fridge handle, if the situation is already out of control, and low serotonin levels is an urgent need to revive, then go to the pharmacy for antidepressants. But! The first step should be an appointment for consultation to the endocrinologist, not to make mischief. By the way! All antidepressants are made based on the tryptophan and its components, is an essential amino acid. At the moment the most popular drugs are selective inhibitors of serotonin reuptake. They do not have a sedative effect and is quite effective of dramatic minded Anna Karenina do quite cheerful Bride, Figaro!


Beauty again, or the hormones?

Sometimes we are puzzled that this saw surrounding the man in the woman with a very prosaic appearance! But while we are torturing yourself with beauty treatments and spend hours working in the gym, other damsels, even a finger will not stir. They do not need. The power of hormones already took care of it. Sexual attractiveness depends on the desired concentration of testosterone and estrogen. If a woman has sufficient amounts of sex hormones, men run after her herds with a ring at the ready. Otherwise, it is for representatives of a strong half of mankind only gray mouse, which is not worthy of excessive attention. With testosterone the same picture. A lot of women all over the world at your feet, a little – to give you just an empty space. C’est La Vie!

The power of hormones…. Is it possible to win, to lose the shackles or make them your friends? The conversation has just begun….