Proper nutrition: the rules, the products and their ratio

For the normal functioning of the body requires proper nutrition (PP). That includes a healthy diet? What are the concept of PP? What benefits and what harms? And talk about this further.

9 basic principles of proper nutrition

There are certain principles of nutrition that are beneficial to health. The main ones include:

  • Eat in regular intervals and regularly. Taking food in the optimal regime, it is not recommended to break it. Do not skip basic meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Listen to what your body requires – don’t limit yourself in food, but not overeat.

  • Prefer freshly prepared dishes, as well as raw fruits and vegetables. Permitted thermal treatment: the Park, cooking and baking.

  • Keep variety in the diet, but make more emphasis on national cuisine.

  • Follow nutritional seasonality. Spring and summer vegetable food, fall, and winter – animal proteins.

  • Correctly combine all the components.

  • Choose those healthy foods that bring pleasure.

  • Drink plenty of water (filtered or settled).

  • Limit themselves to the use of salt, spices and sugar. Of alcohol occasionally is permissible to drink a good red wine (no more glasses).

  • You also need to add vitamins.

    Choice of food: what is and what is not

    No foods that absolutely can not eat. However, some are beneficial to the body, and others do not give him anything useful or even harmful. Let’s consider each category separately.

    The benefit of

    These are the ingredients that are Packed with fiber, micro – and macronutrients, vitamins, fatty and amino acids and alkaline bases. This group includes digestible foods:

    • berries;
    • fruits, herbs and vegetables without heat treatment;
    • a variety of cereals;
    • seafood;
    • dried fruits;
    • nuts;
    • poultry meat and fish;
    • dairy products (yogurt, cheese, low-fat yogurt and sour cream);
    • tea (green and white);
    • vegetable oil;
    • natural chocolate (preferably black, bitter);
    • med.

    Do not neglect the dishes, rich in fibre: bran, wholemeal bread, muesli and cereal.

    Feel it is necessary to limit

    The second group includes trudnosmyvaemye the elements of a healthy diet. If necessary, follow a diet to rejuvenate the body or the appearance of certain diseases is to limit the use of:

    • fried, spicy food;
    • fatty meat (especially pork);
    • sausages;
    • mayonnaise and sauces;
    • smoked and pickles;
    • strong brewed coffee and black tea;
    • sweet chocolate;
    • salt, spices and artificial seasonings;
    • butter bakery products;
    • sugar.

    Also have food, which not only brings benefits, but also harms the body. It’s fast food, lollies, chips, any kind of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

    The right balance of products in the daily diet

    As already mentioned, there are 2 categories: easy and trudnosmyvaemye products. The body requires both. However, their ratio in the right menu should not be equal.

    The percentage of foods in a balanced diet:

    • 25% – cereals, pasta and bread (whole grain);
    • 20% – vegetables in accordance with the season;
    • 15% nuts and beans;
    • 15% fruits in accordance with the season;
    • 7% – yogurt and cheese;
    • 7% of vegetable and/or olive oil;
    • 5% – marine fish and seafood;
    • 3% – eggs and/or poultry meat;
    • 1,5% – sweets (honey, chocolate, natural marmalade, candy);
    • 1% red wine (preferably dry);
    • 1% – lean meat (recommend the veal).

    Do not forget about the correct combination of these ingredients.

    Listening to these recommendations and eliminating from your diet harmful products, can significantly improve the condition of the body get rid of toxins and improve your health.