The head wounds: one of the primary issues is staffing

The Federal center for training of oncologists, where young professionals will come from across the country, intend to create in Russia. The President of the RAS Alexander Sergeev has informed in interview to “Kommersant”.

“We recently had a very interesting meeting on Oncology, together with the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova. Discussed what is necessary to take financial and organizational effort to implement the President’s task to join the club of countries where life expectancy exceeds 80 years. And one of the primary issues is staffing. Are our universities to produce doctors who will work in modern medicine — robotic, molecular, genetic? No, this is not. And in Oncology very concerned about this. Know that there are plans for the organization of the Federal center for training of oncologists, which came to young professionals from across the country to several years to learn. Including foreign teachers”, – said the head wounds told the publication.

According to the scientist, life extension is a big project, where there are other areas besides medicine. “If we eat God knows what, if we have a bad environment, nothing will work. And Russian scientists are working on significant problem of pollution in cities,” he said.