10 evidence that social networks do not need teenagers

The arguments are difficult to argue.

Blogger and mother of four children Adrian wood has published 10 reasons why Teens should be prevented from using social networks. Its conclusions sound reasonable.

1. The social network is not intended for children

While not yet fully developed the frontal cortex of the adolescent brain may not recognize and filter out the temptations that hit the social network.

2. You can’t teach a child to maturity that is required from users of social networks

Many parents say they want to teach your child to use social networks correctly, but the truth is that children will not do that until you get older.

3. Social media is entertainment technology

It does not make your child smarter, not preparing for real life or future work

4. It is required for healthy social development

Social media is a marketing platform that retrieves personal information and your child’s preferences, not to mention hours of his time.

5. The teenage mentality of “bigger is better” threat for social networks

Social networks are encouraged to overdo it with friendly relations. Who has more “friends” and subscribers – and steeper.

6. The social network is a fascinating form of entertainment on the screen of a smartphone or computer

As addicted to video games, they provide a model for future dependence.

7. The social network replaces the complex social “work” needed for success

The use of social networks greatly reduces the interaction skills that children need to practice face-to-face with their peers. And these skills are essential for success in real life.

8. Social media can cause Teens to lose touch with family

They consider “friends” with their support, but as a teenager is very important a healthy attachment to the family.

9. Social networks hinder the development of creative and other capacities of a teenager

When learning new things the brain of a teenager working at peak performance. Research shows that to balance this with active use of social networks is almost impossible, as a result of too many of their abilities leave children in a digital world.

10. Does anyone of you would like to start using social networks as soon as possible?

Author Adrian H. Wood