For officials of Moscow bought policies for cancer treatment abroad

Ordinary citizens, the Deputy mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov threatens pay treatment in case of cancer. And for its — employees of the structures belonging to the city — the taxpayers ‘ money buy insurance, allowing you to be treated abroad.

Recently, Vice-mayor for social policy Leonid Pechatnikov said that people who have not passed the examination and got cancer, would themselves pay for the treatment because I didn’t care about their health.

To be precise, Pechatnikov said: “Here in Korea, if a person does not pass the examination, he sends a summons, as in the military. And it needs to go, depending on the age, the profession needs to undergo a check-up. If he didn’t have it and he revealed launched cancer then pay for his treatment he will have. I think the way that has been chosen Asian countries, including Japan and Korea, — it is reasonable”.

That is, people responsible for healthcare in the capital, in all seriousness has linked the payment for the treatment of cancers with time of diagnosis of the disease in the patient. Like he’s not aware of the disastrous queues in hospitals, thousands of errors with diagnoses and even more about the lack of drugs that cancer patients should receive free of charge, but “accidentally” end up in clinics and appear on the black market.

Against this background, it seems especially incredible tender, which found life. From this it follows that if cancer sick themselves officials or employees of the structures belonging to the city, they will be able to get free treatment not only in Russia but also in the best clinics abroad. At our expense, of course.

Paid all tickets, consultations with doctors, surgeries, chemotherapy, medications, translation services, hotel accommodation (if required).