Ekaterina Popova about 10 things you are not supposed to do woman after 30 years

It is considered that the girl becomes an adult at 18, 30 it is already time to write off from the accounts, and 40 a woman has better not show people on the eyes, not to remind them of the dull and joyless old age, which can brighten up is that knitting, cat and grandchildren. In fact, thirty years — just the age to which the woman has time to try out all kinds of rake, heal all received bumps and start to benefit from this experience.

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Екатерина Попова о 10 вещах, которые не должна делать женщина после 30 лет

Summarizing the practice of the thirty women in collision with garden implements, I believe that by age 30 a woman should stop doing the following things:

1. To make excuses for my body. No need to explain why you weigh more or less than expected; why didn’t you ever play sports and not collected or, on the contrary, train twice a day; why don’t you cure some disease or treat it in some way. It’s just your business. Do not say: “I don’t have the strength / health / time / money”. Have to say, “It’s none of your business”. If this does not help, it is possible to switch the listener’s attention on him, demanding explanations as to why he, for example, still not a millionaire, not an Olympic champion or Nobel laureate.

2. To abandon t-shirts with prints, color, highlighting, dreadlocks, tattoos, six holes in my ears or a dozen bright plastic bracelets on each arm because it’s too childish. Immaturity is not measured by your appearance, and your actions. For thirty years a woman, usually already responsible for their children, taking care of aging parents, is responsible for work projects and often the team comes to the aid of friends in need, and sometimes protect complete strangers who are too weak to fend for themselves. Your adulthood is your business, not the clothing style and color mascara. The average woman thirty years doing so much that she can safely walk in diapers and with a pacifier in his mouth and not worry that it will consider too childish.

3. To experience constant pleasure and delight from each moment of communication with your boyfriend, husband or children. For thirty years the woman is very well aware that love doesn’t mean the desires of every spare moment to spend with those you love. Normal to enjoy the start of the school year, normally to prefer meeting with friends in the evening with your loved ones. To have personal time and personal space is natural. Crazy people who ask: “why then got married / gave birth?” Asking this question a woman who says she’s pleased with the opportunity to be alone or not in the family circle. By the way, don’t forget to ask these people why they spend valuable moments that you can devote to family, to explain to you how to love and what to spend your free time.

4. Love the household. Contrary to popular belief, getting a pleasure from cooking and cleaning does not make a woman more real. In essence, the household is extremely boring routine. There are people who like it, but this is the exception rather than the rule. By the way, it remains unknown how many of these exceptions, women who truly love to cook and to iron, which don’t delegate household chores not because they can not or are afraid their poor performance, but because they do not want.

5. Always forgive and justify. Recently in some talk show a woman told how her husband left her paralyzed, in the hospital, and courted her relatives of her roommates. The heroine of the talk show was in anger, she no longer wished to see my husband and about to divorce, and the leading disapprovingly shook his head: “do not you think that he just scared? He was confused and didn’t know what to do?” That betrayal could be the excuse or reason that you should always give a second chance and should not believe. If you don’t want to forgive — that is your right and nobody should condemn you for what you did with them.

6. To be a goddess of sex. Woman of thirty wants not to show off skill and have fun. Besides this, in eighteen years you can still believe that there is magic General instructions, step-by-step which will delight any man. With age and experience comes the understanding that everyone is different, and “logicheski” sex is not spelled out in the genes skill or ability that can be learned via online courses, and the time and willingness to learn the tastes of each other.

7. To stop learning new things. On the contrary, the time — already have their own money, experience, understanding their desires, understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Again, let’s not forget that infirmity is around the corner — soon 40 years old and accompany them walkers. So it’s time to engage in the prevention of multiple sclerosis and arthritis, and download brain and body in full. It’s time to learn Chinese language and to learn how to ride, and should hurry over forty years with the Walker to climb on the horse will be problematic.

8. To consider himself a loser. Naive young girl can be persuaded that she could do more, because Gaydar in 14 years commanded the regiment. Woman of thirty knows how many resources she had and how she spent it, and would love to see anyone in her place would have been more. Again, look! And will not listen to people with a superficial understanding of her life, says that he turned to, and turned the mountains and put in their place, rivers of milk and honey.

9. To sacrifice their interests and prospects for men or children. And it is not selfishness that is sure to ascribe to the woman, who did not wish for a man to abandon the career or doesn’t want to be a mother and housewife, while the husband insists that is exactly what we should do in a situation where his income is enough to support a family. In the words of a popular psychologist, a real man — one who can contain himself, his wife and child, and a real woman — one that will be able to contain myself, baby and husband if something happens. No matter what anyone talked about the traditions and the centuries-old way of life, independence and success of women not only in her interests but in the interests of her family.

10. To take full responsibility for the relationship. As soon as two people starts a team game and its success — it is both. There is no reason to believe that of these two men the woman should be more tolerant, less demanding and ready to sacrifice their interests for the common good.

And finally, the last main rule that replaces all the others: a woman of thirty will not allow you to dictate what she should do and what should not.