What to choose – relif candles or ointment?

Such a disease as hemorrhoids gives pain, discomfort and other unpleasant feelings. It occurs because of problems with blood circulation in the pelvic organs, rectum. At first, problems with blood circulation to provoke the disruption of the rectum and constipation, and in the future — the emergence of hemorrhoids. To resolve inflammation as quickly as possible, doctors prescribe drugs local impact — suppositories, ointment and cream. One of the most popular products in this category is relief, it can be found in suppositories and ointments. But still, which of these two forms works better and can they be combined?

Drugs relief: types, indications for use

Doctors recommend combining all products in this series for the most rapid and effective results. They help to improve local blood circulation and metabolism, reduce inflammation and reduce pain, itching.

In the sale you will find several drugs line relief:

  • Ointment, relief constricts blood vessels, improves blood circulation;
  • Candles (suppositories) relief — have the same effect as the ointment, as they have similar composition;
  • Relief Ultra — differ in that they have such substances as hydrocortisone, zinc sulfate. The drug speeds up the healing of wounds and fractures, reduces inflammation;
  • Relief advance in the form of suppositories and ointments — reduces pain due to the presence of benzocaine in the composition;
  • Relief in the form of a cream and suppository, a great painkiller and removes inflammation, as in the present of substances such as lidocaine, fluocortolone.

If you can’t decide what kind of medication you choose, consult your doctor, because the choice depends on the diagnosis and condition of the patient.

Relief ointment and candles: it is better to choose?

Both forms of the drug have similar composition, but that works better and more efficiently? Or maybe you need to use the ointment and suppositories?

The main distinguishing feature — the active substance fenilefrina. In 1 suppository dosage is 5 mg and in ointments (1 gram) — 2.5 mg. in addition, different forms contain different amounts of oil, which is used the liver of a shark. Suppositories benefit, they contain twice the oil.

But ointment also has some advantages, it contains vitamin E, several vegetable oils, glycerin. Thanks to these ingredients the ointment moisturizes and prevents cracks, reduces inflammation and soothes.

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If you need to quickly remove the inflammation, stop the choice on the suppositories. If the disease has not worsened and is in the initial stage, you can only apply the ointment. The choice of tools depends on the diagnosis.

If the hemorrhoids are internal, stop the choice on the candles, they act on the internal nodes. If the hemorrhoids are external, choose the ointment.

How quickly this drug works relief? As suppositories and ointments improve health in some hours, reducing pain and swelling. A noticeable improvement is observed after 2-3 weeks.

Ointment relif candles at the same time: possible or not?

The simultaneous use of two forms of the same drug allowed. But is it necessary and is it worth the money? As candles eliminate the inflammation inside and cream outside, to prevent complications it is recommended to use two forms.

Ointment relif candles: price question

Suppositories (1 pack) will cost you 400-600 rubles, the same goes for ointments. Drugs line of advanced, Ultra and Pro will cost 30-40% more expensive.

Relief, ointment or suppositories (suppositories) — which is better? It all depends on what type of hemorrhoids diagnosed. Doctors recommend to treat responsibly and to combine these two forms, so you will speed up treatment and prevent complications.

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