Three-year-old girl was taken to hospital after the use of children’s cosmetics

The mother shared with users of shocking photographs daughters, from which he developed “severe allergic reaction” to cosmetics from the child’s set.


In mid-March, the resident of Illinois Kylie Cravens published in a Facebook post with pictures of a three year old daughter Lydia, who is in the hospital.

Mom told me that a few days before that she gave my daughter a set of children’s cosmetics, after using which Lydia started so strong allergic reaction that girl had to be hospitalized in the pediatric ward.

“Within 24 hours, a perfectly healthy girl became seriously ill child, her eyes swollen and no longer open, his face covered with sores and scabs, and the body the rash has gone. We had every half hour applying ice packs because her skin is “burned”. Daughter a few days could not eat because of the blisters and cracks on the lips”.

According to Kylie, this case is “opened her eyes”. She advises parents to examine more carefully the composition of products for kids before buying.

“Cosmetics from this set contain six chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, Lydia was among the victims.”

Fortunately, the girl is on the mend. Rash and redness on her face and body gradually go. According to mom, her skin still itchy but the burning sensation has disappeared, and Lydia’s face appeared again smile.