Hookah myths: why you should support our players and stop Smoking Shisha

Recently our team received a sentence of not to drink exotic tea, meat from South America and China, the drugs for weight loss and not Smoking.


All these measures were taken to ensure that the athletes do not hit the dope and they remained “pure”, as it has for the last four years. And for fans of football and Shisha is the best way to give up my addiction and to quit Smoking hookah.

Myths about the safety of hookah

Myth 1. Hookah is safe because water clean the smoke

A common myth that hookah is less harmful than cigarettes, due to the fact that the smoke it is water cleanup, has no Foundation. Water filter in the hookah makes the smoke less secure. It is the same as the filter of cigarettes, only slightly delay a certain number of harmful substances. But the amount of smoke which is inhaled by the fan of the hookah for half an hour Smoking a lot more volume of smoke from smoked cigarettes. So, to say that hookah is safer than cigarettes is just silly. All the risks associated with Smoking, quite rightly can be attributed to the hookah.

Myth 2. Hookah less harmful to the lungs

Hookah, as has been said many times pulmonologists, harmful to the health of our lungs. Microparticles (and that all harmful substances – carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, tar, nicotine, etc.) penetrate the lungs and harm them. Because of this can develop lung disease, including lung cancer and oral cavity.

Myth 3. The hookah you can smoke under the alcohol

It is not necessary to combine hookah Smoking with alcohol consumption or coffee. Alcohol and coffee gives an extra load on the heart, contribute to high blood pressure, it can reach up to hypertension, cardiovascular diseases including coronary heart disease,

Myth 4. Hookah is safe for the stomach

Hookah on an empty stomach, as it so often starting a party of white-collar workers and football fans, damage the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, causing a variety of gastrointestinal diseases, including gastric ulcer and gastritis.