Sea buckthorn candles with constipation: use of

If you are pressing a problem as the constipation, eliminate them will help balanced diet and drugs. Causes of problems with a chair can be a lot, so without the help of a doctor you can not do. But if constipation rarely bother you, you can use extra assistance in the form of candles from sea buckthorn oil. These suppositories are as gently and quickly. How to apply?

Sea buckthorn suppositories of constipation: indications for use

This product has a natural composition, it helps to eliminate long constipation. Unlike laxatives, which need to be taken orally, suppositories not have a negative impact on mucous membranes and does not have a diuretic effect. Candle of the sea buckthorn oil for constipation can be used for one time only, and for the past 1-2 weeks.

The drug helps to relieve inflammation and swelling of tissues, softening the stool and eliminate constipation. The candle does not cause discomfort and pain in the stomach, gently, they affect the mucous membranes. In addition, the tool promotes healing of wounds and cracks.

How to use sea buckthorn suppositories of constipation? You need to enter the candle rectally the morning or evening, before bedtime. Before the introduction of candles you need to empty the bowel naturally or with an enema, it will accelerate the effect of the drug. If constipation is troubling you for several days you can increase dosage up to 2 candles per day — morning and evening (for 1 thing).

Lie on your right side, enter the candle as deep as possible into the rectum with your index finger. Remain lying down for another 20-30 minutes. Sea buckthorn candle can leave traces on the clothes, so it is recommended to use shims.

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The maximum duration of treatment sea buckthorn candles — 10 days.

If constipation persists, repeat the procedure the next day. If the candles do not help, do consult your doctor for help.

Sea buckthorn suppositories of constipation children: how to use?

The drug can be used even to children, he quickly and gently frees the body from accumulated in it of feces. If the age of the child less than 2 years, divide the candle into 3 parts. For kids older than 2 years can use half or the whole candle.

Sea buckthorn suppositories of constipation during pregnancy

Since in this period many women have constipation, physicians recommend the use of suppositories of sea buckthorn oil. This drug is not prohibited to use during pregnancy.

Candles from sea buckthorn oil: contraindications

Contraindications the drug a bit: you can’t use it for those people who suffer from an allergic reaction to sea buckthorn, diarrhea, the appearance of side effects (redness, skin rash).

Sea buckthorn suppositories of constipation: reviews

Anatoly: “I am Ashamed to admit, but I suffer from constipation for several years. Most often, they happen if I have overeaten the day before. Tried to drink laxatives, but from the bottom of a stomach ache. On the forum advised the candles of sea buckthorn oil. Effect I like it slabat. But linen scars”

Irina: “every two or three weeks I have constipation. Laxatives I can not drink from them because of deteriorating health. The doctor prescribed these suppositories. Now I’m not afraid of constipation, candles work just a few hours”

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