The child is ill? Let’s go swimming!

Shulamith Wolfson

I don’t know who and when invented that swimming is not allowed. Why someone decided that the sweat and matted from dirt and sweat, hair contribute to recovery?

From dirt had never recovered, not recorded fact in history!

To wash can and should be. Always. Especially if the child’s temperature.

  • Children, especially small! – do breathe skin. I.e. literally, the gas exchange occurs not only in the lungs (this is the primary path), but also through the skin. If the skin is dirty and covered with sticky sweat, gas exchange deteriorates.

  • A WARM bath helps bring down the temperature. Again, the school physics known to any cook: put a hot egg in cold water and it will cool down faster. If the child has a temperature of 38-39 degrees, and the warm bath 36-37 degrees (check with an elbow like a baby), then in such water temperature, the child will plummet and it will become easier. You do not have to pour a bath at 18 degrees!! In cool water the baby starts shivering, covered with goose bumps, worse to feel the temperature, in the end, will be even higher! Comfort and convenience – the main rule of any water treatment.

  • About the moist air and its use for breathing, especially during the cold, everyone already knows, thanks to the books of Dr Komarovsky. Again, in a warm bath breathing easier and less cassette!

Thus, if the child is sick (sore throat, colds, flu, pneumonia, otitis media, bronchitis, intestinal infection, cholera, plague and diphtheria – without a difference), it is NECESSARY to wash. With temperature and without temperature – wash! If your child is very weak and bad – quickly rinse under the shower and carry in the bed. If the water is alive – let him sit in the tub as much as he wants and how much you are able to follow him.

The rules of bathing during illness:

  • The bath should be WARM and COMFORTABLE. The child wants to sit in water – let sit, do not want – enough for 3-5 minutes. No violence!!

  • You have to be there – sick child may be weak, he may be dizzy, whatever… You should be next! Not to deviate even for a second!

  • Washing detergent is optional. If the child was sweating a lot or vomited or had diarrhea – Yes, you can wash with the gel. If the baby is relatively clean, just stay in the warm water

  • To wash my hair!!!! Otitis media and meningitis will not do!! Nothing bad will not only clean the hair and all.

  • After the bath, beware of drafts: wrap baby in a pile of warm towels and put in a warm bed.

  • Keep in mind that if your child has a fever, and the bath temperature is decreased – it will begin to rise in the first 10 minutes after you pull it out of the bath. This is, unfortunately, normal.

  • You can swim every day, if desired, even several times a day.

  • Chicken pox and bathing

    Children with verenicline rashes bathe. This reduces the risk of infection with vesicular elements and can bring a little relief. Most importantly – no pads, no rubbing with a towel – only a neat and gentle promatyvaya. If you wish, you can also make starch baths or oatmeal baths. It is believed that this reduces some of the itch of chicken pox.

    Atopic dermatitis and bathing

    Against all odds and all, for atopic dermatitis water therapy shown and very much needed. Atopic dermatitis (not to be confused with food allergies!) is a skin disease. It is a feature of skin that she easily loses water and is defenseless and dry.

    Therefore, children with atopic dermatitis need to bathe and to wash it with detergents. Bathing is recommended daily, even 2 times a day.

    But! Because of the characteristics of the skin have a long and tedious work before you can choose the best for your baby the bath temperature, the composition of the water (someone bathes in the water to defend someone in filtered, someone in normal water, someone in artesian, etc.) and special emollients like water in the process of bathing and for skin treatment after bathing. All very individually. But we must do it, because without regular cleansing and moisturizing the skin condition in atopic dermatitis much worse.

    Mantoux test, vaccinations and bathing.

    No limit Mantoux test or vaccination is not applied!! You can live a completely normal life, with normal hygiene procedures in a normal rhythm. The prejudice on the non-wetting papules skin test or track the vaccination injection is rooted in the beginning of the twentieth century, when tuberculosis diagnosis was used 2 reaction – Mantoux and pirquet. Mantoux was done subcutaneously, Pirke – cuts in the skin.

    It is impossible to wet Pirke, Mantoux.

    However, then – automatically – the ban on water treatments spread against manta. And then the same thing happened with vaccinations. Also because of a needle injections… meanwhile, the skin puncture at p. the skin test and vaccination closed almost before the child leaves the doctor’s office. So – bathe on health!

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