“He’s awake!” A terminally ill child was disconnected from life support systems, and a miracle happened

On Good Friday the family decided to “let go” of her son, who, according to doctors, was not likely to survive. But suddenly something happened that can only be called a miracle.

This story happened in 2016. At Easter two-year-old Dylan askin came out of the coma. This happened a day after he was disconnected from life support.

“I’m not very religious, says Kerry askin, mother of Dylan, but I really think a miracle happened”.

Two years ago, the boy almost died due to a rare disease affecting the lung tissue. The first attack happened at Dylan on Christmas in 2015. It was rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with multiple cysts on the lungs. The kid collapsed.

The examination confirmed that the boy is sick that he has Langerhans cell histiocytosis. Once at the hospital, Dylan caught pneumonia, his condition began to deteriorate rare.

In 2016, the boy fell into a coma, and the doctors began to prepare his parents for the worst.

“On Good Friday we were told that he was getting worse and he no longer wakes up, recalls Kerry. All life support systems were working at full capacity. We dubbed it, and all of our family members came to say goodbye to him”.

According to Kerry, she was horrified by what is happening. She had not slept in several days, trying to come to terms with the situation and cried all the time. The staff allowed parents to spend the night with him and the doctors believed that he can leave at any moment.

“We sang to him, talked and said goodbye to him.”

The next day, doctors began gradually to turn off the devices supported in the boy’s life, when the heart rate of the baby began to come back to normal.

“We said, “Wait, he’s still struggling,” says Kerry. All of a sudden the oxygen levels in his blood were in itself to climb, and our son began to recover. To the day of Easter, his condition stabilized enough that I could afford a short rest. I am convinced that we have witnessed an Easter miracle.”

“When we told his older brother Dylan – Logan – Oh what happened, he exclaimed: “He is like Jesus.” The son had learned in school the story of the resurrection”.

A month after Dylan came out of the coma, he was able to return home. In July 2017, the boy finished the full course of chemotherapy, and now he is completely healthy.

Family Dylan joined the charity Foundation helping children with cancer. This year they took part in the campaign dedicated to the Holy Easter, in memory of her “Easter miracle.”