The focus on “Olddrive-2018” the national programme for the health care

The speakers of the VI international conference “Argstev-2018” will present for discussion the draft national programmes in connection with the Instruction in the Message of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Experts identify the following priorities: strategy of the healthy lifestyle, the fight against cancer, infection safety, reducing mortality in working age and health of children and adolescents.

Recall that in Behalf of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin set a national goal: to increase the life expectancy from today’s 73 to 78 years to 2024

“This is the most important task for the healthcare industry – said the head of the Higher school of organization and management of health care Guzel Ulumbekova. – It will require a huge concentration of efforts of regional leaders and organizers of health care. We specifically adjusted the program of our conference, to discuss the specifics of the mission of healthcare for the next six years: what programs should be implemented as necessary to change the strategic and daily operational management on how to reduce the barriers on this path”.

Analytical laboratory, WSOS will present scenarios for achieving the target values of life expectancy to 2024 in Russia, as well as a rating of the effectiveness of the health regions.