The traffic police have corrected a serious error in medical issues for the examination on law

Traffic police have made major changes in examination fees for future drivers due to the fact that the experts of the Ministry of health was discovered in earlier the q & a on medical care to the victims a lot of mistakes and inaccuracies.

Interregional Association of driving schools (IADS) to appeal to the traffic police pointed out that the recommendations in the cards relating to the topic of medical care to victims of accidents, contrary to official memos of EMERCOM of Russia. It was discovered by specialists of the Central research Institute of organization and Informatization of health Ministry of health. Speech, in particular, on the methods of extracting the victim from the car, aid in thermal burns, the rules of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, writes “Kommersant”.

In driving, drivers were taught the correct methods of rendering first medical aid, but acquired knowledge does not coincide with the content of the responses in the tickets on the exam, said the President of IADS Tatiana Shutyleva. It got to the point that teachers told students what answers you need to give the exam in order to pass him, but warned that in real life, you need to use completely different techniques.

So, for example, in the question on first aid to the victim with an open fracture of the limbs, accompanied by arterial bleeding, there were three possible answers, including “right” “with a tourniquet above the wound at the fracture site”. In fact, the tourniquet to the fracture site can only “aggravate the suffering of the victim or cause additional damage,” while a lot depends on where the blood comes, it may be, for example, the radial artery at the wrist or the artery of the rear foot, to the letter IADS. Traffic police agreed and replaced the question with another — about the methods of first aid for “frostbite and hypothermia”.

Another mistake physicians found in the question of how to define the presence of a carotid pulse of the victim. Offered three choices, including the “right” — “three fingers of a hand placed on the right or left side of the neck at the level of the thyroid cartilage of the larynx (Adam’s Apple) and gently advance into the neck between the thyroid cartilage and the cartilage nearest to the muscle”. In IADS noticed that unprofessional doctors can not reliably determine signs of life affected by the test pulse, so you need to ask about how to check for breathing. “Signs of life solely on the pulse — echoes of Soviet medicine. European studies have long shown that in 44% of cases the drivers are wrong and can, for example, take your own pulse for pulse of the victim,— said the member of the interdepartmental working group on improving first aid in Russia Leonid Duty. — Why Western and Russian experts recommend to focus primarily on the breath.”

Changes are also made to the questions about how to extract a foreign body from the airway of the victim, in some cases, you need to extract the victim from the car, how to assist with the signs of a thermal burn how to position the hands during cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

New tickets are already uploaded in the information system of the traffic police, fixing the examination process throughout Russia. In the regional units of the Inspectorate sent the relevant clarifications.