Found a link between traumatic brain injury and subsequent development of dementia

Traumatic brain injury (SST) is associated with an increased risk of dementia. At the same time as the risk increases in patients with multiple SSTs, the researchers found.

The study, published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal, analyzed data on nearly 2.8 million Danes, 132 million (4.7%) of which were detected in at least one SST for the years 1977-2013, 126, 7 thousand (or 4.5%) were diagnosed with dementia during 1999-2013 years.

After adjusting the data for socio-demographic factors and comorbidities, including neurological and psychiatric, the researchers found that compared to persons who did not have TPM, patients who have had similar injuries, the risk of dementia was 24% higher. Patients with five or more TPM, the risk was increased more than three times. Moreover, even a single case of lung SSTs increase the likelihood of developing dementia by 17%.

The authors of the study from the Medical school of the University of Washington noted that the absolute risk of developing dementia before the age of 50 years was very low.

More effort is needed to prevent TPM and evaluation of strategies to reduce the risk of subsequent dementia, the researchers concluded.

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